We are not providing monetary incentives to our guest speakers. However, we are willing to work out alternative arrangements, such as allowing you to sell your book at one or a combination of the following locations: in the session, at registration, or at an exhibit table. We expect the attendance of the entire event to be about 250. As mentioned, you may attend the full event free of charge, which will grant you exposure to top leaders of major corporations.

If you’ve ever heard me speak, read any of my articles or books, attended any of my training, or know anyone who knows me, you know that I often talk about value-based relationships. Yet, I still recieve emails like the one above where somehow this is seen as value?! My team and I have researched 400 social networking applications in 22 distinct categories. Why would I give that away for free? And the last time I checked, “exposure” doesn’t pay the bills. I’m amazed of how many people out there want something for nothing! This is a for-profit organization with thousands of paying members, so the fact that they’re not willing to pay for a professional speaker is interesting! See the blog post on “Can You Do That Speech For Less?”

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