Persuade-2When an estimated 75 percent of your target market doesn’t believe your advertising and marketing, how do you get their attention, influence their thinking, and issue a call to action? Last week I wrote about the first of the four techniques in the #NewNorm – eight strategies to elevate your brand, team, or efforts above the market noise. Here are the others:

5. Build Trusting Relationships. You’re asking them to trust you, but you won’t give them a chance to get to know you? Trust must be felt not simply spoken. Work diligently to establish credibility, rapport, and demonstrate a vested interest in their success.

6. Gain Conceptual Agreement on Objectives, Measures, and Value. Few business professionals will ever invest in anything because they’re bored or have too few priorities. They invest in people, projects, initiatives, and campaigns to improve their outcomes. Unless you’re crystal clear on the desired outcomes, how you’ll both measure your progress, and what’s the value to the other side, you’re flying blindly!

7. Propose Win / Win. How often do you see or participate in “we win” efforts? Those are short-lived and often transactional. Transformational relationships require reciprocal relationships where both sides are better off in working together.

8. Deliver Results. Make no mistake about it, performance trumps all. You have to be competent, capable, and deliver on the commitments you make. Otherwise, don’t expect returned phone calls, emails, or prioritized relationships!

As we wrap up 2013 and look forward to the New Year, I hope you’ll make a commitment to yourself to think and lead your efforts, team, and organization differently!

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