I attended an incredibly sad funeral this morning – of a vibrant life cut way too short. As I arrived early and watched what seemed to be a very diverse group of attendees – young, old, senior executives to personal friends, I couldn’t help but to wonder about the vast array of lives this person had touched. Throughout the moving service, I wondered less about what this person accomplished and much more about how others described him – the rich, loving life he lived. I found myself pondering what seems to be a cliché, yet worth asking:

If this were my funeral, who would show up and what would they say?

I’m convinced more than ever that few will care about the size of my house or bank account; they will be there because of the portfolio of real relationships I invested in – personally and professionally. You see the person who passed away, wasn’t a whole lot older than I am – another reminder that you can’t take any given day for granted!

Who would you most like to see at your funeral and what would you want them to say? What will you do to make 2010 count? What are you doing to invest in those relationships today? That’s something LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can’t do for you!

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