Why This Book?

YouTube, a Web 2.0 platform for delivering video content, is one of the most prevalent, if not one of the world’s largest, video sites today. The current generation of Web 2.0 applications allows us to create interactive and personable content, in contrast to the pages and pages of text that was characteristic of the Web 1.0 environment.

The ideal social networking strategy for business in the Web 2.0 environment leverages applications as delivery vehicles to engage and influence an audience, and leaves a target audience wanting to explore more. Business executives and professionals need to push themselves to use YouTube and other video tools, so that they not only remain relevant, they extend their reach beyond the geographic realm of responsibility and accelerate their ability to get things done.

Social networking may not be the economic glue that holds a business together, but applications like YouTube allow you to engage and influence often without authority, unlike a corporation where communication is filtered through a hierarchical bureaucracy.

You know all about YouTube: 100s of million videos viewed each day, tens of millions of unique visitors, one of the top sites on the Internet and so on. Did you know that YouTube is just one of the other 48 video distribution websites?

How can you ignore this number of viewers as a potential market or a delivery medium of your products and services? Are you struggling to incorporate the viral effect of internet video in your marketing efforts?

The challenge, then, becomes how to engage and influence. This booklet / DVD shares the best practices in using video and distribution platforms like YouTube to empower your business.

What Others Are Saying About The Social Media Best Practices Webinars / Seminars (the Booklet/DVD take this material even further)

“David is the foremost expert on business connectivity and use of social networking tools, and he had the audience enthralled with the power of his message and his understanding of the tools available to them.”

Steve King
Executive Director – The Pet Care Trust

“Very hands-on, practical and applicable…”

Judi Vitale, Partner – AcuityCFO; President, Women-In-Technology

YouTube for Business Booklet Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Getting Started
Chapter 2 – Navigating YouTube
Chapter 3 – Creating Your Channel
Chapter 4 – Creating and Uploading Videos
Chapter 5 – Managing Your Videos and Comments
Chapter 6 – Adding YouTube Videos to Web Page or Blog
Chapter 7 – Using Other Video Share Sites
Chapter 8 – Troubleshooting
Appendix 1 – Video Annotations: Creating or Editing Annotations
Appendix 2 – Marketing Your Business on YouTube
Appendix 3 – YouTube vs. Hulu: Which is the Future of Online Video?
Appendix 4 – Audio and Video Specifications
Appendix 5 – How to Best Upload Widescreen Videos

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