Are you sending out emails like this with ZERO value-add?
1. You don’t know anything about me, have read none of my material, and don’t seem to have an original idea if your life depended on it.
2. I’m the best in my space, so you referencing a couple of others, whom I can’t stand by the way, doesn’t help your credibility.
3. Your blog really isn’t that impressive.
4. "Jerry McGuire for nerds" – really?  That’s how you want to position yourself?
5. Would is misspelled in the last sentence, which tells me that you don’t pay that much attention to what you send out.

Here is how to fix it:

1. Have someone I like, respect, and trust introduce you; it’s a lot easier to get in the door via credibility by association.
2. Specificity drives credibility – look over my content, suite of services, and make some assumptions – but come up with something original.  Even if you’re off base, I’ll appreciate your investment and will hear your perspective.
3. Ask engaging questions before you pitch me; push my buttons, get me to think about a piece of my business differently, excite or disturb me to get off the dime!
4. Include a reference letter or a client testimonial which raves about you, i.e. "my business is 2x what it was a year ago because of this guy!"
5. Focus on the output / results you create vs. the input – "multiple modalities – books, speaking, assessment tools, etc." are all inputs which matter very little; it’s driving top line, profitable growth that counts.

Before you send out another zero value-add email, think about the recipient.

Hi David,
My name is Joe Blank and I am a consultant that works with a variety of authors, gurus and thought leaders.  I came across your site and think it is very well done.  I’ve worked with some of the best folks in your space (Mr. X and Mr. Y are examples).  I’d like to schedule a call to explore how I might be helpful to you, you can learn a bit about me at my blog here. I’ve been told I am a "Jerry McGuire for nerds", which may seem odd but describes what I do pretty well.  I take a holistic view of a thought leaders work and help develop a variety of monetization stratgies that touch on multiple modalities (books, speaking, assesment tools, training solutions, consulting engagements, etc). Let me know if you’d like to connect by suggesting a few time slots that woudl work best for you.

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