Post-Pandemic Strategic Relationships

business man and business woman high fiving each other In today’s rapidly changing market, your business relationships are subject to a constantly accelerating pace of evolution. Due to factors such as job changes, career shifts, industry movements, strategic priorities, and geographical transitions, the relevance of your relationships and their contribution to your personal and professional growth and success over time can change dramatically. […]

Post-Pandemic Strategic Relationships – Full Transcript

business man and business woman high fiving each other David Nour 00:00Hi everybody, David Nour, with my business partner Jenn Cordz. Hello, Jenn. Jenn Cordz 00:06Hi, Nour, how are you? David Nour 00:07I’m great, thanks. I want to welcome our audience to another episode of our Intelligent Growth live stream each week and Tuesdays at noon Eastern. We gather on let’s say, LinkedIn, […]

Go For It!

Happy New Year! Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing holiday season with your loved ones.  I heard from many of you last year that you found the Nour Noon Nuggets of interest and value. In the words of the famed philosopher Britney Spears, none is “rocket surgery!” They’re often wise reminders of what you may already […]