Nour Noon Nugget: 10 Networking Best Practices

I’ve written about the Top Ten Reasons Most Networking Doesn’t Work. So, what’s the answer? Here are ten ideas for you to consider the next time you find yourself networking online or in person. Preparation Phase – Your goals, strategies, and tactics will drive efficiency in the preparation phase. 1. Lack of Purpose – Get crystal clear […]

Top Ten Reasons Most Networking (Still) Doesn’t Work! – Full Transcript

People networking at event David Nour 00:01Hi everybody, David Nour with my business partner Jenn Cordz back with you for another episode of our Intelligent Growth live stream. Hello, Jenn. Jenn Cordz 00:10Hi, Nour, how are you? David Nour 00:11I’m great. Thanks. For our audience, it’s good to be back with you if you’re not a active consumer […]

Top Ten Reasons Most Networking (Still) Doesn’t Work!

People networking at event

In this episode of Intelligent Growth LIVE, David Nour and Jenn Cordz share the importance of intentionality in building and maintaining relationships. The pandemic has highlighted the need for companies to be intentional in developing their culture remotely, and the digital landscape is here to stay. However, we still need to learn how to show […]