Your Relationship Brand Familiarity

orange megaphone against orange background How would you describe one of your favorite brands? Why or how have you created an affinity for this brand? Regarding professional relationships and enterprise growth, our research highlights a spectrum of familiarity with individual brands. Some we outright reject; others we feel rather neutral about. Others, yet we prefer or even insist on. […]

Your Relationship Brand Familiarity – Full Transcript

orange megaphone against orange background David Nour 00:02Hi everybody, David Nour with my business partner Jenn Cordz. Hello, Jenn. Jenn Cordz 00:07Hi, Nour, how are you? David Nour 00:08I’m great, thanks. For our audience, it’s good to be back with you for another episode of our weekly live stream. We call this Intelligent Growth. And the focus is, as […]