29 – Your Personal Market Value

David Nour
David Nour

One of the topics I’m most excited about in writing the CB book is the Curve Benders Roadmap. Think of it as your personal GPS from now to next, specifically around strategic relationships that will empower your nonlinear growth. Throughout various stages in your life, you’ll uncover or stumble upon refraction points where certain strategic relationships will accelerate your path forward, and highlight new opportunities, potentials, and directions, if not destinations. 

Here are the key objectives to consider as you think about your Curve Benders Roadmap:

  1. Understand the strategies that will drive organizational value and through your individual as well as collaborative efforts, your currency in the market
  2. Apply these strategies to your personal and professional growth – the why, what, when and how you’ll need to learn, unlearn, and relearn
  3. Assess your portfolio of strategic relationships in that growth journey, create intentional actions, and apply specific behaviors to engage and influence your potential Curve Benders

Step one of Curve Benders Roadmap is to define Your Personal Market Value. Similar to an organization creating and increasing its market value, you, too, have the potential to enhance and expand your personal market value dramatically. Over time, the comparable value of your market value will heavily depend on a stable foundation, a set of growth enablers, and subsequent value accelerants. Foundations are a must, and without them, the rest will be difficult, if not impossible.

Your personal market value, at the center, requires a strong foundation across three critical areas:

  • People
  • Personal
  • Professional

Join me on this episode of the Curve Benders podcast as I share insights into your personal market value.

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