31 – Evolution of Associations/Non-Profits with Elisa Pratt, CAE

David Nour
David Nour

She’s an association management executive with a passion for engagement, whether grassroots advocacy or the development and advancement of regional chapter affiliates both domestically and internationally. In the last two decades, she has served as a Political Affairs Manager, a Director of Congressional Relations, a Senior Director of Chapter Support Services, the Director of the Executive Leadership Council (ELC), and most recently as the Chief Global Member Engagement Officer. Working with members and chapters in more than 125 countries, she’s driven to promote membership policies and benefits, design strategies to retain and recruit members, oversee foundations, chapters, councils, and association government affairs efforts.

With a unique background in advocacy and activism, membership, and stakeholder relations, as well as association management operations, her diverse expertise makes her a valuable partner and advisor to global non-profit clients.

A native of Sacramento, California, she received her undergraduate degrees in Political Science and English Literature from the University of California, at Davis and a Master of Arts in Government with honors from Johns Hopkins University. She is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) by the America Society of Association Executives (ASAE), considered the highest level of professional competency in association management and serves to elevate professional standards.

Join me on this episode of the Curve Benders podcast with Elisa Pratt.

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