34 – Ten Signs of Weak Business Relationships

David Nour
David Nour

I’m always fascinated by the conversations I have with prospective clients about their business relationships, right after I hear comments like “we have a fantastic culture,” or “we have an amazing relationship with our clients!” 

My first reaction is to simply ask them “how do you know?” To which their response is often formulaic or textbook corporate-speak at best: “because they keep showing up for work,” or “because they keep buying from us!” 

Most of these answers are flawed at best, dangerous at worst if you’re not focused on asking the right questions. 

So, in this episode, I thought I’d share ten observations as definitive signs that your business relationships are not strategic, they’re not worthy of co-creation, and won’t be curve benders in your future. In short, they’re weak!

Check out our Blog for the complete list, and the Nour Group Forum for a deeper discussion on these 10 observations. Enjoy, Nour

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