Nour Group | Keynote Speaker | Author | Advisor | Business Relationships
Nour Group | Keynote Speaker | Author | Advisor | Business Relationships

I am my happiest when I stand in front of a whiteboard or an easel and I get a chance to engage an audience; an audience of a single visionary leader, a gathering of the committed management team, or a global meeting of driven sales professionals. I love to make people think, help them discern and synthesize new ideas, and remind them that they are fundamentally in the relationship business.

On any given day, you’ll find me advising senior leaders and their boards, writing articles or books, researching and developing an upcoming webinar or podcast, and speaking globally on Relationship Economics® – the quantifiable value of business relationships. In working with hundreds of marquee organizations in the past two decades, what I’ve uncovered is that everyone understands that relationships are important; few really internalize their significance – in accelerating performance, optimizing execution, and elevating results!

My books are focused on where business relationships can be applied to drive enterprise value. Give me a leader, a team, or an organization that is willing to prioritize their business relationships, and I can elevate their mindset, skillset, and toolset; I can visualize their strategy, mitigate their risks, and develop their resilience. Without the willing part, neither I or anyone else will be able to make a difference.

My current research, thinking, and conversations revolve around The Future of Work and Curve Benders; 15 forces that shape our future: from Relationship Strategy to Visualization, Storytelling, Shrinking Planet, and Geopolitics.

I’m passionate about my family, and although I travel extensively, I call Atlanta home. With two teenagers, on most weekends you’ll find me at a lacrosse or soccer game, a scouting trip, or at a school theater play. I’m an Eagle Scout, I love anything I can do outdoors, and ride motorcycles to refill my cup.

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