Revenue Operations is the critical point where marketing, sales and customer success meet

Grow faster, make data-driven decisions, and build a seamless tech stack with world-class revenue operations.

Revenue Operations (RevOps) focuses your team

Most organizations’ key revenue players are spread across different customer-facing teams (Marketing, Sales, Customer Success & Support). They’re working in siloed environments, with disparate goals, which results in dropped leads, attribution problems and disjointed customer journeys.

We help you unify the efforts of your revenue generating teams, empowering them to use your organizations highly integrated systems to their full potential, leading to:

Nour Group Expertise

RevOps, MarTech, SalesTech

Businesses now more than ever are reliant on technology to deliver results. Whether its marketing automation, sales tools, data enrichment, integrations, chat bots, intent or predictive, Nour Group has the experience across the tech landscape to architect the infrastructure needed to generate results.

Campaign Operations

Every B2B organization is tasked to deliver a customer experience and journey that is competitive within their respective space and provides long-term value to prospective customers and existing clients. We enable this through operationalizing a bespoke campaign framework that works for your company and allows you to support the wider marketing team through scale and efficiency without costly mistakes.

Data Intelligence

All organizations have to prove their impact on the prospect/account funnel, pipeline and revenue. We help you build and optimize your data and reporting so you can not only impact pipeline and revenue but can make better data-driven decisions earlier in the customer journey & lifecycle.

Stop Compiling Data, Start Analyzing (and Using) It

Tracking revenue is a great start, but it’s not enough on its own. RevOps works as an efficient, all-in-one engine for driving decisions on where to spend sales and marketing budgets.

We can help build your RevOps capabilities, including:

  • Systems & Technology

Audit & optimize your current tech stack to support a seamless customer journey and build the foundations to scale revenue.

  • Business Processes

Understand & optimize existing processes, unifying teams and hand-offs between marketing, sales, and customer retention.

  • Reporting & Analysis

Set up & customize your attribution, revenue lifecycle, and conversion tracking, enabling accurate, informed, data-driven decisions.

  • Data Governance

Support your revenue lifecycle efforts with strategies that ensure a consistent data flow and regular data health maintenance.

Unified RevOps Teams Generate More Profitable Revenue

HubSpot reports that over 73% of the leads passed to sales in traditional, siloed business are never contacted. Conversely, companies with aligned teams close 38% more deals and post 208% more marketing revenue.

Are these numbers you can or are willing to ignore?

Schedule time with the Nour Group RevOps team to discuss how we can align and start growing your business.