Strategy Visualization


Your corporate strategy became obsolete when the global economy shut down!

Corporate leaders are reassessing their strategic priorities, making simple, clear, consistent communication more critical than ever before. Yet, we continue to see presentations trying to adapt outdated thinking to the current mission-critical needs of the organization. And the stakeholders you must engage and influence to act.

Corporate jargon, unlimited data, and overcomplicated processes will no longer suffice!

That’s why we’re taking our battle-tested Strategy Visualization expertise and have created a more agile, nimble, and action-oriented Agile Alignment service.


Profit margins are reached (and exceeded) when everyone has a clear and iron-clad grasp of the complex information they’re expected to act upon and understand. But too often, this information is buried in multiple documents, riddled with confusing corporate lingo and hard-to-grasp concepts.


Our strategy visualization services bring to life complex strategic initiatives in an easy-to-understand visual format that your board, team, clients, partners, and the market at large can rally around.



These downloadable PDFs and high-quality images are available for your use as you plan and market David’s participation in your event. If we don’t have something you’re looking for, please email our office at

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Examples/Case studies

Strategic Evolution of the Enterprise Amid The Global Pandemic

The Chief Information Officer at a NASDAQ-traded, global communication equipment company wanted to convey the strategic imperative, and value of a multi-year enterprise infrastructure upgrade to the senior leadership team and the board. Beyond the tactical implementation plan, The Nour Group supported a strategic evolution of the enterprise story – one of a profound shift in the mindset of the legacy leadership to think and lead different, amid the global pandemic.

Prudent Investments, Prioritized Via a New Joint Venture

The EVP and GM of the world’s second-largest wine producer, along with his team of incredibly talented professionals, have created tremendous enterprise value via a new joint-venture with a global distributor. By highlighting its core business today, while demonstrating the vast upside potential of the new partnership, The Nour Group created a board strategy to prioritize a set of prudent investments. The result? 2020 YoY revenue growth is up by 36 percent!

A Dramatic New Look At Our Global Talent Pool

How do you bring a talent pool comprised of thousands of global workers, together with the vast and varied needs of a global enterprise? This U.S. Health Insurance company extended its preliminary work with The Nour Group to help articulate the complex process of implementing a new human capital tech platform. By engaging seekers and solvers of human capital needs, the streamlined process optimizes speed and agility in getting the right talent, in the right role to create value in half the time, and a 60 percent reduced cost!

Internal Alignment of Vision Forward

The Chief Procurement Officer at a U.S. health insurance company had developed a dramatically more intentional and strategic approach to their multi-billion-dollar annual spend. To capture the vision and the path forward, as well as to get buy-in from a broad spectrum of internal business unit and external supplier stakeholders, they ask The Nour Group to create a visual story. To date, it has been presented 128 times with ever-increasing clarity of the strategic impact of enterprise category management.

Highly Individualized Learning Paths

The Vice President of Talent for a U.S. media and home automation company wanted to create a simple, yet highly customizable professional growth journey for a vast number of roles/realm of responsibilities. Working with the learning technologies team and their in-house talent development team, The Nour Group created a visual learning journey through the plethora of courses, tracks, evaluation, and re-education experiences. The results have included both net-new talent acquisition strategies, as well as extensive talent retention campaigns.

Project Management Center of Excellence (PMCOE)

The Vice President of Operations for a global subsea engineering and applied technology company, along with their partner organization in project management had created a PMCOE. To articulate the unique value of this initiative to internal and external stakeholders, The Nour Group was asked to create a cohesive visual design process, prioritizing their knowledge management and talent development efforts globally.

Deepening Strategic Relationships

The Senior Vice President of Global Talent at a global hospitality company selected The Nour Group to design, develop, and deploy a campus recruiting program to create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the students through their academic journey, as well as with career counseling professionals and hospitality program professors. The expansive, year-long plan involved every aspect of the program from programmatic branding, to strategy visualization, the creation of a private online community, as well as a mobile app design and development.

Strategic Path Forward

The Senior Vice President of Marketing at a global industrial products company asked The Nour Group to integrate multiple executive presentations on the organization’s vision, strategy, and prioritized pursuits into a single image which executives could use consistently to articulate their strategic path forward. This singular focus was expanded to include their multi-year change management initiative and translated into several languages.

More Collaborative Go-To-Market

The National Practice Leader of a global professional services firm asked The Nour Group to create a more collaborative go-to-market approach for their Anti-Bribery and Corruptions (ABC) Practice. In meeting with Chief Compliance, Legal, Audit, and Finance Officers, the discussions about mitigating global risk is more about how these professionals can work collaboratively with their clients to address versus “we walk in with all the answers!”

Integrating the M&A Evolution of Fintech

The Chief People Officer of a Goldman Sachs/Blackstone joint venture asked The Nour Group to help solidify multitude of acquisitions and expansions of their FinTech overarching strategy and value proposition into a cohesive story of the firm’s global presence.

Overarching Strategy for the Board / Singular Global Vision

The Senior Vice President of Strategy at a global manufacturing and distribution firm asked The Nour Group to combine a multitude of strategic priorities into a singular vision for its board of directors. Subsequently, The Nour Group was engaged to help further expand the supply chain and branding visualizations for meetings of global operations leaders.

Bringing Spoken Content to Life

The Director of Content Planning at a Middle Eastern Executive Conference asked The Nour Group to combine David Nour’s keynote speech on Co-Create with images from the book to bring key insights to life. The final illustration was sent as abstract art to all 2,000+ conference attendees. At a similar event for an association client, the final illustration from the keynote was auctioned at a gala for their foundation.