See Your Strategic Relationships’ Full Potential

Nour’s big ideas revolve around one fundamental insight: Personal and Professional growth of P&L leaders can be measured by the impact of their relationships.

Nour Group empowers global P&L leaders to become aware of and leverage their most valuable asset:

their portfolio of strategic relationships.

Curve Benders book

Curve Benders

How Strategic Relationships Can Power Your Non-linear Growth in the Future of Work (Wiley, 2021)

In the future of how we’ll work, live, play, and give, 15 forces will create dramatic headwind, tailwind, or turbulence in our lives and careers. Learning their relevance is no longer optional; it’s a necessity.


For most people learning is linear – they learn then they apply. We believe when it comes to relationships, a different lens is needed. Time and again, people enter our lives that dramatically alter both the direction and destination of our lives. I call enablers of this adaptive and accelerated non-linear growth, Curve Benders.


So, who are your Curve Benders and how do you find them? More importantly, how do you become one in the lives of others? And how can the Curve Bending mindset unlock the next level of enterprise value creation and profitable growth?

Relationship Economics book

Relationship Economics

Forthcoming 3rd Edition (Wiley, 2021)

Networking has been around as long as humans have been social animals. Yet, one could argue that it is also as useless and as unproductive as ever.


Networking is one letter away from not-working! Nour’s seminal work, Relationship Economics, highlights that an intentional, strategic, and quantifiable view of one’s relationships can dramatically accelerate their execution, performance, and results. 


Once teams internalize this mindset, they shift from a culture reliant on brute force, to one that achieves more with less resources, time, and ultimately greater relational value. 


Beyond your educational foundation and your professional pedigree, your biggest asset is your portfolio of relationships. If you think of them as secondary “soft skill” or “nice to have”, you won’t develop the mindset, the skillset, and the roadmap to turn everyday contacts into strategic relationships.


Pivotal ideas such as Relationship Currency®, Reputation Capital®, and Professional Net-Worth® will evolve your transactional contacts into transformational relationships.

Co-create book


(St. Martin’s Press, 2017)

In our dynamic world, no one has all the answers. 


What if two or more of your most valuable and strategic relationships came together to create something far beyond what anyone thought imaginable? 


What a long-term vested interest in its success, could this initiative, campaign, product, service, or unique outcome deliver profitable, net-new growth opportunities? 


More importantly, could it transform the relationship to something more profound, more meaningful, and dramatically more impactful, often impenetrable by competitors? 


In Co-Create, Nour makes more than a compelling case to innovate through your strategic relationships; he provides a proven roadmap to do so.

Creative Leadership for a New Era: Say More with Less, Visually

Have you adjusted your strategy for the impact of the global pandemic? Organizations had the choice to stay stuck in the past, make dramatic cutbacks, or position themselves to embrace an innovative future.

Visualizing your strategy allows you to stand out, get organized, integrate market data, and pivot with leading indicators to clearly understand your place in a changing business landscape.

Clarify your vision, state your new “why”, and align your initiatives toward the future. Strategy visualization will improve your audience understanding and cultural adoption, allowing you to quickly re-establish your competitive edge.

Real Innovation

None of Us Can Pick the Winners; We Can Only Bet on The Most Promising Business Models

Innovative thinking today will determine tomorrow’s success. We can no longer rely on past experiences to determine our future. 

Organizations need to provide a safe place where the best and the brightest are enabled to envision new business models, products, and services that drive future growth. The only way to uncover scalable and profitable potential is to design, develop, and test viable business models with leaders who are willing to support new levels of risk that are vital to remain competitive.

The Sandbox Engine is part of a Culture of Experimentation where companies can develop 10 robust business models for the future, understanding that only 2 of them may be viable. It’s time to think and act like a venture capitalist in a time where uncertainty is the only certainty.