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Episode 8 – Strategic Relationships

15 forces will dramatically impact the way we live, work, play and give in the future. One of the most fundamental ones, I believe, will be strategic relationships. As I’ve advocated for the past two decades, they’re often your most valuable asset – as an individual, a team or an organization. They’re also the least often understood, untapped, and undervalued. So, let’s spend a few minutes together on today’s episode of the Curve Benders podcast, talking about strategic relationships in what you’ll do in the future, where you’ll do it, and whom or how you’ll do it.

I share 10 Strategic Relationship insights most useful to your view of the future of work and 5 action items to implement today to maximize your impact in the work you do. These will be featured in the Nour Group blog. Enjoy and as always, I’d welcome your comments, perspectives, or insights – email

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