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Objects of Desire – products, experiences, and brands

Today’s products, experiences, and brands are cultural artifacts that give insight into our social, commercial, and industrial lives. They tell stories of affiliation and rebellion. Of provenance and advancement. Of change. 

One of my favorite marketing insight resources is Interbrand and in their new series, Objects of Desire, they decode form, material, and culture as a way to explore what’s next in the Express Arena.


The Gucci Basket


With a brand value of $16b, Gucci has always led the pack with its influential, innovative, and progressive approach. It doesn’t get more innovative, influential, or progressive than Demetra, as exemplified here by The Basket.


This new-to-market trainer represents a shift in luxury towards more ethical and sustainable practices within the fashion industry, reflecting the interests of youthful growth demographics who care about the planet.

While materials innovation is vital, both for the planet and for the subcultures of consumers who choose to express their green credentials through their purchases, there is also a more interesting change afoot…