David Nour on Ten Signs of Weak Business Relationships

I’m always fascinated by the conversations I have with prospective clients about their business relationships, right after I hear comments like “we have a fantastic culture,” or “we have an amazing relationship with our clients!” My first reaction is to simply ask them “how do you know?” To which their response is often formulaic or […]

Nour on Crisis Leadership and Forging Forward – Set To Lead Podcast

I was delighted to be a guest on the Set to Lead Podcast with Mary Ann Samedi, where we had a great conversation on uncovering new growth opportunities even amid the crisis. As always, welcome your thoughts. I’ll also post further discussions in our Nour Forum community. Join us (free) for exclusive content, resources, and […]

David Nour on Innovation, Relationships, and Cultural Shifts on Real Leaders Podcast

Join me live THIS Friday, Aug. 21 at 4 PM ET for the Real Leaders Podcast. I’ll share insights into using the global pandemic as an impetus for rethinking, reimagining, if not reinventing key parts of your business. We’ll discuss the role of strategic relationships, and a fundamental cultural shift we’re seeing in global enterprises. We’ll […]

I Attended 128 Webinars in Two Weeks. Here are Five Takeaways

I’m a life-long learner, I read voraciously, and really value intelligent conversations. I also really enjoy collaborating with others, learning from different perspectives, and combining theoretical constructs with practical/pragmatic applications of ideas. Like most other professionals, I get a ton of emails about upcoming webinars, particularly while we’re all living with the Covid-19 pandemic and […]