Curve Benders Podcast – Embracing Uncertainty with Margaret Heffernan

The latest episode of the Curve Benders Podcast is live with renowned business thinker, former CEO, popular TED speaker, and bestselling author, Margaret Heffernan. I was fascinated by our conversation on how our society has become increasingly obsessed with predicting the future. Margaret and I discussed how as a society, we find doubt and uncertainty […]

The Way I See It… Innovative Teams Thrive Through Visionary Leaders

The high school, my daughter, graduated from this past May, held a modified in-person graduation ceremony this past Saturday. Held in our football stadium, so both immediate families, the students, and faculty could be socially distant, it was a touching tribute to the challenging end to their senior year. Dr. Fauci would be proud, as […]

Grateful for Amazing Clients – Watch What They Share About Their Experiences

I feel humbled and blessed to work with amazing leaders who are tough, smart, and passionate about thinking and leading differently. Watch how they describe their experience working with me and our Cohort Community. If their comments resonate, I’d love to connect with you and learn more about your efforts. Best, Nour