Focus on Outcomes Not Outputs!

David Nour, author of newly released Curve Benders Book on your personal and professional growth vi an S-Curve that is 3D.

Curve Benders Podcast – Evolution of Associations with Elisa Pratt, CAE

The 31st episode of the Curve Benders podcast is live with a former client, and now Nour Cohort Community member, Elisa Pratt, CAE. She’s an association management executive with a passion for engagement, whether grassroots advocacy or the development and advancement of regional chapter affiliates both domestically and internationally. In the last two decades, she […]

Curve Benders Podcast – Embracing Uncertainty with Margaret Heffernan

The latest episode of the Curve Benders Podcast is live with renowned business thinker, former CEO, popular TED speaker, and bestselling author, Margaret Heffernan. I was fascinated by our conversation on how our society has become increasingly obsessed with predicting the future. Margaret and I discussed how as a society, we find doubt and uncertainty […]