5 Reasons Your Business Needs Strategic Partners

business strategic partnership

Since the dark ages, traders and businessmen have relied on strategic partnerships in conducting their businesses. Fostering relationships with strategic partners can offer mutual benefits for all parties involved. This is a tool that you can leverage if you want to accelerate growth or to take advantage of your partners resources. With that said, you […]

David Nour on Ten Signs of Weak Business Relationships

I’m always fascinated by the conversations I have with prospective clients about their business relationships, right after I hear comments like “we have a fantastic culture,” or “we have an amazing relationship with our clients!” My first reaction is to simply ask them “how do you know?” To which their response is often formulaic or […]

David Nour on Innovation, Relationships, and Cultural Shifts on Real Leaders Podcast

Join me live THIS Friday, Aug. 21 at 4 PM ET for the Real Leaders Podcast. I’ll share insights into using the global pandemic as an impetus for rethinking, reimagining, if not reinventing key parts of your business. We’ll discuss the role of strategic relationships, and a fundamental cultural shift we’re seeing in global enterprises. We’ll […]

Meet Sarah Qualters of The Wine Group, Nour Forum Member of the Month – July 2020

As you may know, I recently launched our free, private, member-based community, The Nour Forum. Beyond this blog, it’s a place where on a daily basis, I post questions, engage other like-minded professionals in discussions, share unique and exclusive content, and will even soon hold exclusive events for just those members. Once you create a […]

Strategic Relationships on The Transformative Leader Podcast with Amir Ghannad

Delightful to join new friend, Amir Ghannad, on his Transformative Leader Podcast to discuss building and leveraging strategic relationships. As you hear in our conversation, relationships are more than “touchy-feely.” I’ve spent the past two decades as a student of intentional, strategic, and what I believe and we’ve proven to be the quantifiable value of […]

Grateful for Amazing Clients – Watch What They Share About Their Experiences

I feel humbled and blessed to work with amazing leaders who are tough, smart, and passionate about thinking and leading differently. Watch how they describe their experience working with me and our Cohort Community. If their comments resonate, I’d love to connect with you and learn more about your efforts. Best, Nour

Nour Forum Member of the Month…

So cool that we’re already up to 120 members in the newly created Nour Forum. Our amazing Cohort Community members are there as well and can jump in with their ideas/perspective on building great relationships, creating new innovative paths forward, co-creation, curve benders in our non-linear growth, just to name a few. As such, I’m […]

Co-Creation Example in Retail: Gap and Kanye West

Kanye West, the rapper, rancher, fashion icon, tweeter, and honorary Kardashian has signed a reported ten-year deal with Gap to produce a line of clothing dubbed “Yeezy Gap.” Gap added $700+ million to its market cap as shares rose almost 19% yesterday. Gap has had a rough couple of months…and years The rough months: Sales […]

CTI Leadership: Reimagine Your Strategy & Relationships​ with David Nour

I was elated to join MG100 friend and colleague, Mo Kasti of CTI Leadership, to discuss reimagining your strategy and relationships. Although the audience for this session and the preponderance of the CTI Leadership clients are healthcare professionals, the topic of being more intentional, strategic, and quantifiable in the relationships you choose to invest in, […]

Virtual Doesn’t Have to Be Boring!

“I’m SO excited to sit through 178 PowerPoint slides in the next 30 minutes,” has said no one ever! I never understood death by dull presentations before the global pandemic forced all of us to go, do, and be more digital, virtual, and online. I can’t imagine the torture most business professionals endure as they’re […]