Coaching Teams and Leaders to Become the Best Version of Themselves


An Independent Perspective

We work with leaders and teams who are competent, capable, and have constructive intensions. They can greatly benefit from an independent voice that doesn’t have an agenda, isn’t trying to impress, and can bring prudent candor to unique challenges and opportunities.


Unique Insights

If you’ve never done the job, you’re going to be hard pressed to coach someone else to manage, lead, coach, listen, or countless other skills, knowledge, and behaviors operators need to master to lead effective teams. When your coach works across organization sizes, geographies, and industries, you benefit from their unique perspectives beyond the industry norms you already understand.  


Relevant Experiences

When it comes to leadership, it’s often less about skills or knowledge – you already know what to do. The outcomes you desire most will come from a change in behaviors. That’s where working with a coach who has worked with other executives, leaders, and teams like yours will provide invaluable experiences to implement proven practices.

  • New in a role, trying to clean up after the last leader, or exploring new paths.
  • Surrounded by conflicting agendas, priorities, or expectations
    Unclear or unnecessarily overcomplicated strategy, vision, or path forward.
  • Unpolished communication style.
  • Overwhelming set of prioritized pursuits, misaligned with the value agenda.
  • Outdated org structure or the wrong talent in the wrong roles.
  • A dominant thinking style by the leader and his/her entire team, versus whole brain thinking to move key ideas forward.
  • Not learning or growing proactively
  • Behaviors not conducive to the brand they want to establish and reinforce for themselves.

Executive, team, and individual coaching by Nour Group will help leaders handle the immense challenges they face in today’s business environment.



Facilitating Behavior Changes to Deliver Lasting Impact

Even the most competent leaders need new perspectives and new behaviors that support them. Stakeholder Centered Coaching focuses on modifying executive behaviors that produced increased confidence and targeted results. David Nour is a sounding board for leaders as they face critical issues, launch initiatives, or deal with tenuous cultural issues. Leaders grow into executives and David has the experience to train them to meet today’s demands.



Elevating A Leader’s Brand, Impact, and Results 

Today’s leaders are tasked with aligning strategy and execution, managing talent resources, and achieving profitable growth. David Nour uses a proven method to help leaders see their teams as individuals who have strengths to contribute and weaknesses to overcome. Coaching is about helping teams be more accountable and deliver on commitments.

David Nour coaches leaders by highlighting their strengths, shoring up their growing edges, acquiring new skills and knowledge, while modifying certain behaviors. Embracing new knowledge and skills prepares existing and emerging leaders to grow with the organization, creating new and valuable competencies.



Enhancing Team Dynamics for Greater Collective Impact

The nature of work has changed and so have the teams who support it. Unifying a team around a common mission, while ensuring they understand the team dynamics affecting their work is critical. Work is still done by people, who need to have a foundation of trust and deepening relationships. David Nour uses the HBDI assessment tool to identify team dynamics that are essential to productivity, profitability, and innovative. David also advises teams, and their leaders, to navigate the virtual work environment and improve digital communication skills for consistent results.

Nour helps groups to move past relationship issues, executive exits, M&A impact, complacency and stagnation to re-energize team performance by helping them understand team dynamics. Your teams also need guidance to effectively develop, implement, and monitor corporate strategy during times of immense change. Teams benefit through an atmosphere of learning and growth while working on day-to-day tasks or through participating in innovation teams.