Nour Forum Salon:

An Exclusive Learning & Group Coaching Experience to Accelerate Your Relevance

Access to a library of David Nour’s best training and development content, plus bi-monthly group coaching sessions to transform your career journey. Your one-stop source of accelerated and highly relevant professional growth engine.

Exclusive Community of Leaders

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Real-World Applications


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Practical Tools for Growth

Your Personal Map To Re-Invention


The arc of competency in many jobs is roughly 3-5 years, after which you reach a plateau… It’s time to break through it.

On your journey to reinvention, knowing how to anticipate that plateau, and get beyond it to your next personal S-curve is essential to your continued relevance – on your team, in your organization, and in your industry.

Want To Apply Powerful Ideas To Your Life?


You need a lean information diet! One that’s relevant and actionable.

Through each learning sprint and intimate group coaching, you work on bringing key Nour ideas to life, creating the changes you’re after in your career.

Your Strategic Relationship Community


Join a community of strategic relationships, and start laying the path to meeting your potential Curve Benders.

By surrounding yourself with other like-minded professionals, passionate about strategic relationships, visual storytelling, and personal reinvention, you consume leaner yet learn more relevant content, immediately apply that learning to your circumstances, and adapt to a world of constant disruption. This is non-linear growth.

The post-pandemic is NOT about going back to work a few days a week… It’s an opportunity to reinvent your career!


The Nour Forum Salon

Learning + Group Coaching Membership

This is a beta offer and has a limited number of seats!


a fashionable assemblage of notables held by custom at the home of the host

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Curve Benders

Learn the secrets of non-linear growth and key relationships

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Relationship Currency Roadmap

Find the key relationships that will shortcut your progress and career.

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7 Sequence of Flawless Execution

How to put the pieces together never mismanage a project again

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Visual Storytelling

Master the powerful art of selling your ideas through stories

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Growth Strategies in the Digital First World

Stay relevant in the new world and duplicate S Curves at will

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Key Trends in Leading Hybrid Teams

Be ahead of the curve and empower your team for greatness


This is a limited-time beta offer for The Nour Salon Learning + Group Coaching Membership 

Course Release Schedule


Curve Benders for PMPs (Value = $497) 
Getting Business Relationships Right (Value = $97)
How to Write a Book (Value = $97)


Curve Benders Career Lattice (Value = $497)
Intro to Visual Storytelling with Lin Wilson (Value = $497)
Growth Strategies in the Digital First World (Value = $97)
Seven Sequence of Flawless Execution (Value = $97)
Relationship Currency Roadmap (Value = $497)


Key Trends in Leading Hybrid Teams (Value = $97)
Seven Must-Haves in Raising Capital/M&A Event (Value = $97)
Intro to Business Model Innovation (Value = $497)
10 Stories Every Leader Should Tell Now (Value = $97)


Intro to Strategy Visualization with Lin Wilson (Value = $997)
Intro to Relationship Economics (Value = $997)


BONUS #1: Curve Benders Book

Not all relationships are created equal.

Some of them literally have the power to transform your life and career in a geometrical way, and often shape who you become.
In Curve Benders, David Nour describes who and where they are, how to find and engage them, and how one becomes a curve bender to profoundly impact the lives and livelihoods of others.

BONUS #2: The Best You Leadership Development Program

Join Our Global Community and Watch Our 30+ World-Class Speakers Sessions.


Here is what you get in Best You Leadership Development Program:


✅ The Full On-Demand Online program and it’s 30+ Speakers Video Sessions


✅  Regularly scheduled Live session with experts and your peers


✅ New competencies emerging to support the post-pandemic world.


✅ Video presentations from industry experts.

BONUS #3: Access To The Nour Forum Salon Private Community Of Like-Minded Growth Professionals


Join our global community of leaders.


Interact with your peers and our industry experts inside our private and interactive community. Salon participants gather in an exclusive area for greater access than the broad members.

The Nour Salon

Learning + Group Coaching Membership

Choose your Beta Package:

Nour Salon Beta


per month


🗸 20+ Courses Library


🗸 Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls


🗸 BONUS #1: Curve Benders Book


🗸 BONUS #2: The Best You Leadership Development Program


🗸 BONUS #3: Access To Private Community Of Like-minded Leaders

Nour Salon Beta


per year


🗸 20+ Courses Library


🗸 Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls


🗸 BONUS #1: Curve Benders Book


🗸 BONUS #2: The Best You Leadership Development Program


🗸 BONUS #3: Access To Private Community Of Like-Minded Leaders

A Personal Note From David Nour

Hi there!


I’m so excited to welcome you to this new group coaching program and have the opportunity to personally work with each of you.


But this isn’t just about my experience of helping some of the most recognizable brands and visionary P&L leaders around the world…


… This is about how this can impact your life and guide your journey to a non-linear professional growth.


I really think our Salon Membership and the way its structure with coaching, is the biggest impact I can have on your career and help you supercharge it.


And this is why I’d love for our relationship together to continue with this very private and exclusive setting, if you’re ready for it!


To your success and non-linear growth ahead,


~ David Nour

Just a Few of the Global Companies That Have Trusted David Nour:

Membership Benefits


Members-only case studies that unpack learnings from today’s most relevant firms.


Dynamic live lectures from world-class instructors and industry leaders, including viewer Q&A.


Dedicated programming and content designed to forge valuable connections between you and your fellow alums while respecting your busy schedule.


By joining the beta today, you will be grandfathered in this special price and will get access to all courses released.


We know you’re busy, so every month, we'll host 2 live session to help you get the most value out of the program and put bring these concepts to life.


This is just the beginning. We’ve got a lot planned for the future of the membership, and you’ll be at the forefront of helping us make and define the future of elite business education.

David Nour Salon Growth Membership (Beta):


20+ Courses Library
Bi Monthly Group Coaching Calls
BONUS #1: Curve Benders Book
BONUS #2: The Best You Leadership Development Program
BONUS #3: Access To Private Community Of Like-minded Professionals

“Your biggest asset is your portfolio of relationships!”

I’m sure you’ve heard me saying that before!


What I’m offering in the Salon program is the opportunity to put that into action and surround yourself with the thought leaders and professional peers who want to build deeper, and more meaningful strategic relationships in their careers.


More than ever, complacency is not an option

If you’re excited to join the beta of this membership and group coaching program, I can’t wait to see you there! 


What do I get access to in the Membership?

By joining the membership today, you get access to the following:

  • 20+ Courses Library
  • Bi Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • BONUS #1: Curve Benders Book
  • BONUS #2: The Best You Leadership Development Program
  • BONUS #3 Access To Private Community Of Like-minded Professionals

Our courses will be released over the next several quarters but you’ll instantly get access to the bonuses and coaching calls.

Will I get 1-1 time with David Nour?

The Salon was conceived to allow participants to have the ability to start a dialogue with David Nour directly.

Although you won’t get private 1-1 time, you will have many opportunities to speak to David directly in a very exclusive and private setting with the coaching calls.

All of your questions will be answered!

When is it starting?

As soon as you join, you’ll get instant access to all the released courses and bonuses.

Our first coaching session starts on Fri, 6/11. We’ll digitally capture each session, so don’t worry about missing any. Discussions, Q&A, Chat, and links to other resources are also captured in each session.

What if I miss a coaching session?

Although you will get the most impact from joining the live group coaching session, all of these will be recorded and added to your library of courses.

Why is there a special offer?

This is still a work in progress and we’d love some early feedback!

This is why we’ve created this beta offer and are welcoming a first cohort of Salon members whose voices will be heard in making this membership the best it can be.


This is a limited-time beta offer for the Nour Salon Learning + Group Coaching Membership