COVID-19 Will Force Us to Consume Content Differently


I’m an avid consumer of intelligent content. As such, I subscribe to 30+ newsletters, listen to several podcasts, attend countless online webinars, and read 3-4 books at a time.

One of my challenges and frustrations has been the lack of an opportunity to engage both the producer of that content, as well as my peers in not just the written word but their key takeaways, challenges with the content, their experiences, and follow on questions – or what my new friend Trudy elegantly calls Appreciative Inquiry.

I think one of the opportunities amid the CO19 storm will be one of a more immersive learning experience to discuss the content we’re consuming. I genuinely believe that the days of talking heads are over, and if you believe that you’re in the idea business, as I do, you must create forums for consumers of your ideas to bring their perspectives, suggestions, questions, and discussions.

This shift in content consumption will also force me and my contemporaries to defend our positions, not just regurgitate them. If I’m advocating creating spaces for inquiry, nurturing a culture of experimentation, and exploring co-creation with your most strategic relationships to my clients, about time, I ate some of my cooking!

So, if you’ve heard me speak, present an online session, or have read my work, I’d invite you to join us with questions and discussions on topics most valuable to you in our new Nour Forum. I’m there several times each day with exclusive content, ideas, and relationships. I hope you’ll join us.



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