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David Nour
David Nour

One of the biggest challenges with meeting our goals is finding the motivation to keep going, particularly in challenging times, distractions, or with difficult people in our lives. 

This can feel like an uphill struggle at times, and really easy to procrastinate, try to push the work onto someone else, or ignore for a while (enough about me writing my next book!! ;-)). But there are simple techniques that can help you tap into your energy and excitement to help propel you toward your aspirations. 

Whether you’re trying to finish a current project or start a new business, seek inspirations from your relationships! Talk to your partner about your idea or share your thoughts with a supportive colleague or former classmate. Chat to like-minded people via local clubs, industry associations, or online forums where you’re active like the Nour Forum. 

Imagine what if would feel like to achieve your aspirations, and visualize yourself succeeding – Jennifer Bridges, PMP, CHPC is masterful at vision boards. Motivation is not a constant thing – it will come and go – but by surrounding yourself with positive, constructive, forward moving relationships and images, you’ll generate buzz and excitement that will keep you moving forward toward your desired outcomes.

I’m in fact finishing up Relationship Economics, 3rd edition this week. With mom’s passing and a hectic ’20-’21 through the global pandemic, Wiley has been amazing and gracious in me moving my manuscript deadline several times since 2021. Lin Wilson is doing the illustrations again with his ridiculous talent. Jenn CordzElaine Devine, and Dan Cretella are all helping with website, blog posts, and logistics – talk about a village. It will be released in the fall and I’ll share more details including a series of webinars and an online course for those who may be interested.

I’ve envisioned finishing it for months, so I can finally go enjoy my pool. Bathing suit is ready and it’s 90+ degrees outside. C’mon “The End!” 😉 

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