Create Kodak Moments!

David Nour
David Nour

Do you remember years ago, Kodak coining the phrase, “Kodak Moments?” It was meant to convey the notion that when you saw something amazing, you should take a picture of it – ideally with a Kodak camera or film.

A mentor once asked me, “Nour, what are you doing to create Kodak Moments in your business?” I honestly didn’t understand his question at first. Then he asked me a simple question: “why do you think we take pictures?” If you think about it, we take pictures to capture the moment and share it with others.

What he was really asking is what are you going to create moments that others would want to capture and share with their relationships? That notion has stayed with me for 20+ years and I thought it would be a worthwhile idea for you to think about with your relationships. 

I’d submit that we all evaluate options logically, and yet make decisions emotionally. So, beyond the points you make in your email, presentation, or conversations with others, how do you make them feel? Do they feel heard, valued, appreciated, respected, trusted, or otherwise important to you? Or do you negate all those things because you’re on your device during your Zoom visit, coffee or lunch meeting with them? Do you show up promptly demonstrating that their time is as important as yours? Or are you constantly rescheduling and when you do show up, you’re late with excuses?

In every interaction, you have two options – you can either enhance or dilute your credibility, repute, and relationship with others. The choice is always yours, based on how you choose to show up!

I hope you’ll chose to go create Kodak Moments in your business relationships this week, David Nour 

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