#CrisisResilience Research – What Do You Think?


As mentioned when we began this journey several weeks ago, we’re researching crisis leadership and crisis resilience, particularly amid this unique CO19 world.

In collaboration with Lou Carter of the Best Practices Insitute and John Baldoni, we’ve formed the Alliance for Corporate Resilience. Lou and John have also created fantastic resources and references to our joint efforts.

A big part of our charter is researching:

  • Foresight – How likely did you think/anticipate a major disruption
  • Roadmap – Any contingency, continuity, or emergency plan in place
  • Confidence – How confident were leaders in their capabilities amid a storm
  • Owner – Who in the organization should be the appropriate owner from creating awareness to driving action
  • Agility – What has been the efficacy of the actions you are taking/took
  • Pivot – Thinking and leading differently with your renewed perspectives
  • Delineating Value Creators vs. Diminishers – how do we define each

We would love to include your perspective. Jump in and let us know your thoughts?



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