Curve Benders Podcast – Emotional Courage with Peter Bregman


Episode 15 of the Curve Benders Podcast is live with my friend and MG100 colleague, Peter Bregman as he shares his insights on Emotional Courage.

He was more than kind in recording this session with me several times, as the first couple, we had technical glitches. Check out his comments on the current global pandemic, the collateral beauty of what’s happening with executives we coach, and some of the curve benders in his own journey.

I’ll turn the show notes into a more in-depth summary of our discussions. In the interim, here is a link to his recent book, Leading with Emotional Courage.

As always, I would welcome your comments and recommendations on potential future guests – email [email protected].

Lastly, we’re getting an incredible response to our Visual Strategy Pivot – amid this incredible storm, how simply, clearly, and consistently you communicate with your stakeholders is critical to the alignment of the team. Let us know if our team can do anything to support your efforts. Best, Nour

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