Curve Benders Podcast – Episode 13 – Relationship Growth In the Midst of Chaos


Networking is so 1990! I’m fairly sure in few other parts of your life you’re doing the same thing the same way as you did 20 years ago! Particularly in B2B, most people are completely turned off by the cheesy, cliché, one-liners at cocktail receptions, or other intelligent events. It’s time to elevate how you engage, influence, shape hearts and minds – to leave them wanting more.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 coronavirus and social distancing aren’t conducive to face-to-face, interpersonal relationships. So how can you grow your relationships, and thrive (if not survive) in your business?

In short, how do you build mutually beneficial relationships to keep moving business ideas forward?

If you’ve exhausted countless hours of your valuable and irreplaceable time networking only to show zero net results, join me on this episode of the Curve Benders podcast focused on Relationship Growth in the Midst of Chaos.

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