Curve Benders Podcast – Future of Business Models with Alex Osterwalder


Episode 20 of the Curve Benders Podcast on Future of Business Models with my MG100 friend, Thinkers50, and European Union’s Inaugural Innovation Luminaries recipient, Alex Osterwalder is live.

I first learned of the Business Model Generation close to a decade ago when I heard Alex’s long-time collaborator, Dr. Yves Pignuer present the concept in an executive education program.

Intrigued by the simplicity of their model, I became an avid student and soon began to integrate the methodology into my own consulting practice, in support of a dozen or so client engagements, and integration of the content into several executive education programs. I began using the Strategyzer library of videos, exercises, templates, and have helped hundreds of individuals in a broad spectrum of industries create their own business model canvas.

In 2014, I invited Yves to deliver a keynote and full-day workshop at one of my client executive education programs and we’ve stayed in touch since.

More recently, I’ve read their subsequent books on Value Proposition Design, Testing Business Ideas, and just this past week, a copy of The Invincible Company showed up at the house.

Having spent time at a Strategyzer Masterclass, getting immersed in their various tools, and becoming friends with Alex through the Marshall Goldsmith MG100 community, I’m constantly evaluating the organizational challenges and opportunities in the implementation of these ideas.

For example, can you really create a value proposition (at the heart of the model) if there isn’t authentic demand (as described by Dr. Merrick Furst, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and the Director of the Center for Deliberate Innovation at Georgia Tech)?

It was great to have Alex on this podcast. Head over to the Nour Forum for the show notes, additional resources – including downloading of the various tools, and more discussions on business model innovation, under the Curve Benders thread.

Enjoy the podcast,


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