Curve Benders Podcast – Seeing Around Corners with Rita McGrath, Columbia Business School Professor


Episode 18 of the Curve Benders Podcast on Seeing Around Corners with MG100 colleague, Thinkers50, and distinguished professor at Columbia Business School, Rita McGrath is live.

Her book, Seeing Around Corners, interestingly enough amid the current CO19 storm, is a prescriptive guide on anticipating and capitalizing on disruptive inflection points shaping the marketplace. For many, COVID-19 seemed sudden. As a perfect example of an inflection point, it is, however not random or unexpected. Every “overnight” shift is actually the final stage of a process that has been subtly building over time.

Rita shares an interesting perspective on the right strategies and provides valuable tools to allow smart business leaders to help them learn to spot inflection points before they hit and use them to gain a competitive advantage.

I welcome your comments and recommendations on potential future guests – email [email protected].

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Be safe and lead well visually,


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