David Nour on Strategic Relationships – People Catalysts Podcast


It was great fun to join Karla Nelson and the 100th episode of the People Catalysts podcast to share insights on strategic relationships.

From my personal background to a discussion on our work in helping global clients drive profitable growth, sustain a culture of innovation, and making real change last – all through their relationships, Karla and I covered a lot of ground.

You can listen to our conversation, as well as read the show notes HERE.

By the way, fascinating to believe that so many years later, my first book, Relationship Economics, is as relevant today amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, as it was then.

I’ve long believed that beyond your educational foundation and professional pedigree, the breadth and depth of your relationships are your biggest asset.

How are you identifying, building, nurturing, and sustaining yours amid the current storm? More importantly, how can they become an enabler of your post-CO19 rebound with the incredible opportunity to think and lead differently.

And here is a recent LinkedIn message from someone who read it years ago…



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