Power and Promise of Strategic Business Relationships

David Nour helps global audiences become more intentional, strategic, and quantifiable in their business relationships. From strategy, to innovation, talent to lasting change.

Who is David Nour?

A senior leadership/board advisor, educator, executive coach, and bestselling author, David Nour is internationally recognized as the leading expert on applications of strategic relationships in profitable growth, sustained innovation, and lasting change. The author of twelve books, including bestsellers Relationship Economics® (Wiley) – forthcoming in its 3rd edition, Curve Benders (Wiley), and Co-Create (St. Martin’s Press), Nour serves as a trusted advisor to global clients and coaches corporate leaders.

He is an adjunct professor at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University and was named to the Global Gurus Top 30 Leadership Professionals and the Thinkers 50 Radar Class of 2021 lists. A Forbes Leadership contributor on the Future of Work, and an Inc. contributor on Relationship Economics, Nour’s unique insights have been featured in various prominent publications, including The Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fast Company, Huffington Post Business, Entrepreneur, and Knowledge@Wharton.


David’s strength as a speaker lies in his vast experience as a seasoned and trusted advisor to senior leaders and the board of directors.

Nour is adept at engaging your audience with his energetic personality and no nonsense advice and expertise. As a leadership speaker, Nour engages audience members with his lively and straightforward insights for what’s really happening in today’s organizations as they battle a changing business environment. It’s time to admit that the same old solutions will no longer work.
Invite David Nour to speak at any of the following types of events:

Sales Kickoffs (SKOs)

Corporate Leadership Retreats

Industry Association Annual Conferences

Academic Forums on Executive Education

Moderated Customer/Partner Panels

All speaking engagements can be in-person or virtual.

Speaking Topics

Curve Benders 

How strategic relationships can power your non-linear growth in the future of work

Relationship Economics®

Transforming your most valuable business contacts into personal and professional success

The Co-Create Effect

How you will remain relevant to drive profitable growth in the post-pandemic world

Agile Alignment

Saying more with less, visually, to gain buy, buy-in, and cascading change

Post-Pandemic Growth

Why only innovative leadership will thrive in driving profitable growth

Curve Benders

How strategic relationships can power your non-linear growth in the future of work.

The global pandemic was just one example (Black Swan Event) of fifteen forces Nour has researched that will continue to disrupt the way we work, live, play, and give to others. To remain relevant, you will need to learn more, learn faster, and immediately apply your learnings to solving increasingly complex challenges. Linear growth will no longer suffice. Non-linear growth through a few, strategic relationships will separate you from your competitive peers. These are your Curve Benders.

In this highly engaging and interactive session, Nour will share examples of the fifteen disruptive forces, share insights on the arc of any role, and give the audience a practical guide on how to meet, engage and influence their Curve Benders.

Future of Work, Post-Pandemic Growth, Real Innovation, Lasting Change

Relationship Economics®

Leverage Your Business Relationships to Accelerate Post-Pandemic Performance, Execution, and Results

In the post-pandemic economy, beyond your products or services, the breadth and depth of business relationships you identify, build, nurture, and sustain will definitively set you apart from your peers. So, how do you turn everyday contacts (digital, in-person, or global) into lasting and materially impactful business relationships?

Welcome to Relationship Economics®. Nour has been a student of business relationships for the past two decades and based on his most recent research, executive interviews, and thought leadership, he shares insights into nurturing hybrid relationships, relationship-centric growth strategies, and key attributes of high-performing, relationship-centric teams.

Business Relationships, Strategic Objectives, Profitable Growth, Leadership Development, Lasting Change, Real Innovation

The Co-Create Effect

How you will remain relevant to drive profitable growth in the post-pandemic world

Individuals, teams, and organizations must balance learning and performing to evolve. That evolution no longer comes from being the smartest in the room but from innovative collaboration with strategic relationships – within and external to the organization.

Nour will explain how co-creation provides the construct, the process, and the tools to help your audience do just that – evolve themselves, their teams, and their organization. In face of constant disruption, no single team or organization has all the answers your relevance heavily depends on your willingness and ability to co-create with your strategic relationships. 

Co-creation, Strategic Partnerships, Customer Intimacy, Cross-functional Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Lean Startup, Business Model Innovation

Agile Alignment

From Signal Scouts to “Yes, And” Learning to Drive Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration

Create a sustainable competitive advantage, develop a relationship-centric culture, and have the audacity to fail and the ability to learn from those failures. Create greater market value than your competitors, help your channel partners differentiate your unique products or services, and shake up your value chain. It sounds difficult; Nour makes it simple.

Agile Alignment is fundamentally about a clear and succinct vision, and a compelling, yet believable path to get there. Through this highly interactive, and immersive experience Nour simplifies the complex shows your audience how to create authentic buy-in, and how to materially move key initiatives forward toward your desired outcomes.

Agile Alignment, Strategy Creation to Execution, Getting and Keeping Buy-in, Succinct Vision and Path Forward, Clarifying, Communicating, and Cascading Vision

Post Pandemic Growth

How will you remain relevant to drive profitable growth?

In the age of constant disruption – to your talent agent, supply chain, distribution channels, and even product/ service value, how will you remain relevant to drive profitable growth?

Nour guides his audience through a transformational journey between their current challenges and future possibilities. The value of Nour’s presentation lies in its ability to modify the audience’s behaviors long after your event is over by creating a mindset that inspires action, often leading to success.

Post-pandemic Growth, Lasting Change, Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting

Custom Keynotes

Visionary Governance: What forward thinking corporate Boards do to govern in the post-pandemic world

Customer Lifecycle Maturity: How world-class organizations amplify their marketing, sales, and customer success functions

Strategy Visualization: Integrating Design Thinking and Systems Thinking to elevate your next strategic initiative

Flight Risk: Why your best people are leaving lousy leaders and outdated cultural norms

Delivering Creative Value: Innovative leadership and creativity as your sustainable differentiator


Nour has coached over 100 seasoned and aspiring leaders in the past decade. The common thread? He pushes each leader to become the best version of themselves.

The Best Version of You!

Can you recall a point in your career when you felt you were executing at your best? What type of a leader where you working for? What were you doing to create material value? How did you develop, coach, mentor others to be their best? Most importantly, what has to happen for you to show up in that version of you more consistently? In your personal and professional growth journey from now to next, it’s difficult to navigate the constant market and team demands of you, alone! That’s what Nour focuses on in working with global leaders – whether they’re up-and-comers in need of refinement of particularly growing edge, or senior executives interested in accelerating their growth and behavior changes toward their next role. He’s an independent sounding board with unique insights into the leadership brand and legacy you want to develop and refine.

Coaching Programs

Executive Coaching

Facilitating Behavior Changes to Deliver Lasting Impact

Leadership Coaching

Elevating A Leader’s Brand, Impact, and Results.

Group Coaching

Enhancing Team Dynamics for Greater Collective Impact.

Executive Coaching

Facilitating Behavior Changes to Deliver Lasting Impact

The impact most executives seek, often comes from a change in their behaviors. Whether trying to elevate their collaboration impact, improve their executive presence, or accelerate their value creation efforts, beyond the right skills, knowledge in the application of those skills, the behavior changes they must make are often the most challenging to master. That’s why we use the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® method.

Based on the globally best-selling book, What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There, by the world’s number one executive coach and Thinkers 50 Hall of Fame Recipient, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, the underlying premise of Stakeholder Centered Coaching is that the “experts” on what executives can do to improve their behavior/performance are their stakeholders. Stakeholder Centered Coaching is based on three fundamental principles:

  1. Place the attention and focus on stakeholders as the “experts” in what an executive need to do to improve.
  2. Emphasize “FeedForward” rather than just feedback. FeedForward focuses on what executives can do better in the future, rather than where they have failed in the past.
  3. Change behavior and perception in parallel. Executives need to tell stakeholders what they are working to improve and seek ongoing feedback and FeedForward from them so that colleagues can observe and recognize the improvement.

Leadership Coaching

When an executive commits to modifying their own behavior a cascading opportunity for real transformation in the organization is to also coach their leadership team to think and lead differently.

Today’s leaders are tasked with aligning strategy and execution, managing talent resources, and achieving profitable growth. Nour uses a proven method to help leaders see their teams as individuals who have strengths to contribute and weaknesses to overcome. Coaching is about helping teams be more accountable and deliver on commitments.

Nour coaches leaders by highlighting their strengths, shoring up their growing edges, acquiring new skills and knowledge while modifying certain behaviors. Embracing new knowledge and skills prepares existing and emerging leaders to grow with the organization, creating new and valuable competencies.

Group Coaching

Enhancing Team Dynamics for Greater Collective Impact

The nature of work has changed and so have the teams who support it. Unifying a team around a common mission, while ensuring they understand the team dynamics affecting their work is critical. Work is still done by people, who need to have a foundation of trust and deepening relationships. Nour uses the HBDI assessment tool to identify team dynamics that are essential to productivity, profitability, and innovative. Nour also advises teams, and their leaders, to navigate the virtual work environment and improve digital communication skills for consistent results.

Nour helps groups to move past relationship issues, executive exits, M&A impact, complacency and stagnation to re-energize team performance by helping them understand team dynamics. Your teams also need guidance to effectively develop, implement, and monitor corporate strategy during times of immense change. Teams benefit through an atmosphere of learning and growth while working on day-to-day tasks or through participating in innovation teams.

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Nour Group advises global clients on the fundamental mindset shift required to instill innovation beyond their current skillsets and organization structure that includes:

Growth Strategy

Nour Group guides your business to clarify your story to your customers, new hires, stakeholders, or the public at large through visual assets.

Revenue Operations

We help you unify the efforts of your revenue-generating teams, empowering them to use highly integrated systems to their full potential.

Product Marketing

We help you align your product and market strategy with your business strategy, while ensuring GTM plans drive measurable results and accelerated growth.


Nour’s 12 books are backed with pragmatic advice, tools, and resources to guide you through the journey from now to next.

A senior leadership/board advisor, researcher, executive educator, and best-selling author, David Nour is internationally recognized as the leading expert on applications of strategic relationships in profitable growth, sustained innovation, and lasting change.


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