Digital Whiteboard Immersive Experience – Emory Executive Education on Strategy Visualization


As I’ve shared in the past, I believe Covid-19 is forcing all of us to consume content very differently. As someone who presents hundreds of times annually to audiences ranges from a few senior leaders/board members to a few thousand attendees at annual conferences, I struggle to see how we can simply present the same way online as we’ve done in person.

As such, early in the global pandemic, we embarked on a path to research a multitude of digital whiteboards, collaboration, and co-creation platforms.

This past week, Lin Wilson, our creative director and I, in preparation for our upcoming two-day course on Strategy Visualization and Agile Alignment at Emory Executive Education, used a digital whiteboard immersive experience to engage 35-40 participants in allowing them to internalize new ideas, use the whiteboard to express what was of most interest and value to them, practice the application of key ideas, and continue the discussions long-after the session.

Most organizations need both synchronous and asynchronous learning engines for their teams to remain relevant. We must all explore new ways to think and lead differently if we’re to remain relevant.

Join us in the newly created, member-based (no cost) Nour Forum and head over to the Strategy Visualization thread to download the video from this session, as well as ask questions or start a new discussion topic. I’m there daily.



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