The Power of An Exceptional Employee Experience

David Nour
David Nour

Given today’s hot job market, organizations that intentionally and authentically focus on creating an exceptional employee experience, amplify the organization’s purpose and energize an organization-wide performance. 


I was fascinated to read this article by McKinsey, in which they focused on the fundamental shift in a stronger focus on the employee experience in the post-pandemic world.


As anyone who has led an organization since 2020 knows, assumptions about the nature of work and how it is organized have gone out the window. Employees have shared this sense of disruption: McKinsey research shows that while most people have felt supported by their organizations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many have struggled. And while some companies are exploring hybrid working models, many are expecting a full return to the office, setting employee concerns and employer expectations further apart.


How do leaders satisfy all parties in trying to remake the mission? In our view, they have a unique opportunity to listen to their employees and engage them on what matters—now and into the future. Since the pandemic began, McKinsey has surveyed almost 1,000 individuals to assess their views on work and how it has changed. While each respondent’s experience is personal and specific to them, common threads have emerged about their career paths.


Read the rest of the article HERE.


What’s your opinion on the fundamental shift in the employee experience and organizations that are doubling down on this front? David Nour 

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