Episode 11 – Changes You Must Make

David Nour
David Nour

One of the biggest challenges and I would submit opportunities, I’ve seen between my last book, Co-Create, and the next one and the focus of this podcast, Curve Benders, has been the awesome responsibility we have to ourselves and our organizations – that of driving our continual evolution toward a well-defined future state. Implied in this role is the need to lead change – in ourselves, our teams, and our organizations. Easily said, complex, difficult and often painful in practice.

Navigating change has been prevalent in business, management, and leadership literature for decades. Even with the plethora of books, articles, consultants, and experts, personal and organizational change efforts generally produce moderate success at best. Why? To quote something I read recently, “Change would be easy if it didn’t involve people.”

You see we are all wired for free will. Change requires us to alter established, and often very comfortable, behavior patterns. With the self-imposed change, redesigning our patterns is challenging enough. There can be an additional layer of resistance in an organizational setting, where change is triggered or mandated by someone or something outside ourselves because the motivation stimulating behavioral pattern redefinition is not our own. Join me on this episode of the Curve Benders podcast as we tackle the Changes You Must Make to remain relevant.

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