Episode 2 – Future of Work

David Nour
David Nour

Have you ever played a dynamic game like soccer, hockey or lacrosse? Would you agree that 90% of the game is played without the ball? That’s how you need to think about our dynamic markets. There are no timeouts and only the skills, knowledge, and behaviors of the right players will keep them on the field of play! In this episode, we’ll cover the Future of Work, how 75% of companies are amidst some type of transformation, and the staggering stats of just how many of those efforts, or certainly impact from them will fail. We’ll cover Web 3.0 tools in browsing, storage, video calls, operation systems, social, messaging, and payments that are blockchain-enabled and will change the way you live and work. I’ll share a Systems-Thinking example and ask what if that become the way we collaborated moving forward, we’ll cover timeline of emerging science and technology in the Present, the Probable, and the Possible, in context of five critical fields: Digital, Nano, Neuro, Green and Bio. I’ll share future work skills you’ll need in the next decade, and wrap up with some examples of future jobs, integrating a hybrid model of man-machine ecosystem. Strap on your seatbelt for 30 minutes of intellectual Red Bull! 😉 As always, welcome your comments, suggestions, and ideas. Nour

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