Episode 3 – 15 Forces That Will Dramatically Impact Our Future of Work

David Nour
David Nour

Your personal and professional growth journey over the next two decades (fundamental purpose of the Curve Benders book, podcast, keynote, training, coaching, and tools) will not be an easy one! None of us can predict your future; all of us can begin planning on what skills, knowledge, and behaviors we need to acquire to succeed in the future now! Think of Curve Benders as your Waze GPS navigation tool.

This journey will not be a straight line and I doubt anyone is going to simply hand you the outcomes you’re after. This growth journey will be fraught with obstacles, challenges, opportunities, ups, and downs. Think of them as headwinds, tailwinds, and turbulence. We call these forces that will impact your trajectory, and our research has identified 15 very specific and relevant ones.

From your Relationship Strategy to Grit, Visualization, Storytelling, Co-Creation, and Black Swan Events, join David Nour for a brief review of this list. We’ll dive into each in more depth in future episodes. For now, listen, internalize these ideas and let’s begin to think of your personal journey from now to next. As always, thanks for listening. Nour

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