Episode 4 – Describing Curve Benders

David Nour
David Nour

The single biggest question I get when I tell people that I’m writing the next book and the title of it is Curve Benders, is this deer in the headlight look and “interesting. What is a Curve Bender?” So in this episode, I thought I’d describe them – who are they, where are they, and why they’re critical to our personal and professional growth. If you can think back to your first Algebra class, we all learned about Slope – Rise over the Run. 

For most of us, our personal and professional growth journey is a linear curve – think of it as a slope of 1. We’ve found a direct correlation between that slope and expanded roles, various realms of responsibilities, opportunities for you to lead critical projects, run different geographic regions, get promoted, lead a team or a business with a P&L. 

Curve Benders, in their purest form, are strategic relationships in the future of our work, which dramatically change that slope! They are inflection points in our personal and professional growth journey. We find them if we get very focused on that which we’re genuinely passionate about, that which we can develop a deep level of competency in, and that which the market will need with the willingness and ability to pay for it. The intersection of those three parts creates clarity for the types of relationships most relevant to us. But you can’t stop there.

You have to create opportunities to put yourself where they are. They don’t live in the status quo. They don’t take solace in the mundane. Although they appreciate blocking and tackling, by definition, curve benders are focused on the future – of teams, companies, organizations, industries, and geographies. They’re continually looking ahead, and they’re searching the market for like-minded individuals willing and able to take a prudent level of risk to solve tough challenges. They appreciate and thrive on chaos, painful lessons learned, and those who thrive in survival.

I’d encourage you to go back and listen to Episode 3 where I describe some of the 15 forces – we’ll undoubtedly dive deeper into them moving ahead because those forces present us opportunities to find curve benders in our path forward.

Although I briefly touch on the subject of how you can become a curve bender towards the end of this episode, we’ll certainly spend more time on that topic moving forward as well.

Look forward to welcoming some of the early guests into this podcast, so stay tuned and look forward to having you join us next time.

With my best, Nour

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