Episode 6 – Future of Talent

David Nour
David Nour

Several reports estimate 85M shortage of talent to help drive enterprise growth by 2030! And surprisingly, fewer jobs are believed to be susceptible to replacement by tech. Instead, many believe, as I do, that there will be this fundamental need for a hybrid human-tech knowledge worker. 

You, as the producer of that talent, as well as organizational leaders as consumers of talent, not to mention boards as the overarching stewards of the health and viability of an organization, must take a more proactive approach in the manner in which we attract, train, develop, and retain talent – including reskilling, upskilling, and redeploying talent. 

As an individual, you must take a more proactive approach in identifying 3-5 capabilities you’ll need in the future of work to remain relevant. And create a roadmap including reading, attending, seeking strategic relationships, and using the gap between where you are today (am I passionate about what I’m doing, am I developing new skills/knowledge, and am I creating real value/impact) and where you want to get to as the gap to apply a plan, from your now to your next. 

Enjoy this Episode on the Future of Talent, and as always, I welcome your comments – [email protected]. Best, Nour

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