February 2020 Newsletter


We’ve begun archiving past newsletters – here are the 5 discoveries I mentioned in our Feb. 2020 newsletter:

1. A strong economy hides a lot of organizational sins – from poorly formulated or articulated strategies, to badly designed org. structures, and the wrong people in the wrong roles, when the market is strong, many of these fundamentals get ignored!2. Your culture is the culmination of the behaviors you’re willing to tolerate – great performers who are jerks, are cancers in your organization. It’s shortsighted to celebrate their performance, while you ignore that their attitude, teamwork, and collaboration skills are nonexistent!3. If you don’t develop your +1 leaders, how will you remain relevant – every leader should have a +1 – that sharp next tier leader they want to take under their wings to develop into greater heights. I encourage leaders I work with to invite them into our tent and proactively shape them to take over that role.4. Strategic relationships matter more than ever – the time is now to go deeper and wider in your current client relationships, add value to unique parts of the organization you’ve never explored, co-create new products, services, or innovative business models. That’s how you’ll remain relevant, drive profitable growth, and oh yeah, create barriers to entry by your competitors!5. The days of any of us walking in with all the answers are long over – do your due diligence, come up with a supposition of how they’d be better off down a specific path, and invite them into your co-creation canvas to collaborate with you and in the process, think and lead differently!Let me know what are you seeing in the market?Best,Nour

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