Flex The Creative You!

David Nour
David Nour

If you’ve heard my session on the HBDI – the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument, you know that all of our brains are made up of four unique quadrants:

  • A – Top left, highly analytical
  • B – Bottom left, organizational/process-orientation
  • C – Bottom right, emotional/interpersonal
  • D – Top right, creative, synthesizing, wholistic 

These are our preferences and not competencies. Yet, they do often dictate how we think, what we say, and how we behave, particularly in our communication, decision-making, and problem-solving approaches. The goal is always to become a Whole-Brain thinker.

Being creative is a great way to express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It can help you make sense of your experiences and the world around you. I’m often asked, “how can I think more creatively?” Try expressing yourself creatively in a way you’ve never done before with new project, initiatives, presentation opportunities in safe environments, or just by socializing an idea with a group of like-minded colleagues. 

In your personal life, explore paining, pottery, musical instrument, singing or dancing adult education classes. I’ve always found caring for roses to be incredibly therapeutic. Get a how-to book from your local library, check out instructional videos and apps, or take up a creative hobby you can learn at your own pace at home. A friend is learning how to decorate cakes. Another is exploring flower arranging.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s fun. Everyone can be creative. Regardless of the outcome, if you embrace this side of your thinking preference and personality, you’re always winning. Experimenting with new or unusual creative outlets can lead to new thoughts, unexpected breakthroughs, and fabulous new relationships you wouldn’t make otherwise. At the very least, you’ll have a blast and a great new story to share!

I’m launching a new business – Moto Coterie, with family and a group of friends that’s very different than the person you know here! More details coming soon. Jump in below and share how you’re flexing the creative you! David Nour 

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