Is that leader just clueless, indifferent, or simply uncouth?

David Nour
David Nour

I’ve been in several situations recently where individuals who worked tirelessly to make a herculean effort come off without a hitch weren’t even recognized by their leaders! I’m not talking about simple, everyday tasks. I’m referring to putting on a multi-day event, moving an entire office till late hours in the night, or driving several hours to pick up a shipment that was missed. Clearly above and beyond any expectations in the role. Did these everyday heroes get paid for doing their jobs? Sure.

My question is really directed at individuals who lead them. Are they really that clueless or presumptuous to believe that these miracles simply happen by themselves? Are they self-centered in that they don’t really care or recognize anyone else for going above and beyond? Were they really raised to be so uncouth as to not even ask, “I’m going out for a cup of coffee. Would anyone else like something?”

How much time, effort, and mental capacity does it really take to say “Thank you” and mean it? How much effort does it take to recognize others who, through their direct efforts, make you successful? When others do something to take action items off your plate or anticipate a need you may have and simply can’t address or do it even without your involvement, I’m missing the harm in openly and publicly recognizing them with authentic gratitude.

Help me. What am I missing when I observe these behaviors by those in charge? Thanks for jumping in, David Nour 

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