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“We had David Nour return to NAHAD recently to deliver his Co-Create keynote and he definitely delivered. Building on his Relationship Economics keynote at our national convention several years ago, he did a great deal of due diligence before he got on our stage, proactively engaged our audience of senior executives, company principles, and SMB owners (loved his interactive polling), and kept the audience attentive during his entire session.” – Molly Alton Mullins, COO – Thompson Management Associates

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Nour Core Speaking Topics

Are you looking to hire a keynote speaker for your next conference or event? If so, then you need to ensure the right choice is made. A strategic keynote speaker will help grab the audience’s attention and perfectly convey all the key points to everyone listening. By the time the keynote has finished, the audience should leave feeling like they’ve learned something new and received takeaways.

Hiring the right person can make a huge difference to how your event pans out. It can be the difference between an event that’s a big success, and one that misses the mark.

Experienced Keynote Speaker

Your search for a professional business speaker has taken you to the right place. I’m a highly experienced individual that delivers, on average, 50-60 engaging engagements per year. These take place all over the world, in multiple countries, to a variety of audiences, in a diverse realm of responsibilities.

As a keynote speaker, my knowledge is firmly based on Business Relationships. I conduct many talks that revolve around relevant topics such as strategic relationships, evolutionary innovation, and disruptive technologies. I’m a content speaker who really tries to capture the full attention of every audience I stand in front of. If the audience isn’t engaged in the topic at hand, then there’s no point continuing with the talk. My experience has helped me understand all the best ways to grab an audience’s attention and have them clinging to my every word.

I’m extremely passionate about my role on that stage, and I enjoy leaving an event with audience members feeling like they’ve learned something new, interesting, and a fresh perspective on what they thought they knew before. It’s essential that the knowledge they gain isn’t just a temporary fix. My presentations are designed to help install a mindset in the audience members, which helps them change their behavior long after the event is over. I address their current challenges and set them on a journey to unlock all their future possibilities.

My Speaking Topics

Business relationships is a rather broad term that can relate to various different topics. Below, you will find some of the key topics I speak about, along with a few additional topics that I’ve previously been asked to discuss.

The Co-Create Effect

This topic is strongly focused on the idea of collaboration and co-creating with other businesses/individuals. My talks are based on my best-selling book, Co-Create: How Your Business Will Profit from Innovative and Strategic Collaboration. I’ll help explain how your business can evolve and grow by creating strategic relationships and collaborating both within and outside your organization.

Relationship Economics: The Art Science of Relationships

I’m a keynote speaker at many different corporate events, each year, where I talk about this topic. The focus is solely on the importance and value of business relationships. I teach the audience how to quantify the value of your relationships, and install a few best-practices to follow as well. By the time this speech has finished, everyone will know how to build and nurture business relationships.

Return on Impact: Disruptive Technologies Impacting Your Business Model

It’s a common fact that many new technologies have formed in the last decade or so. Consequently, they’ve disrupted your business model and possibly force you to change the way you do things. This talk is all about helping businesses to respond to the changing market dynamics. You’ll learn how to adapt and relate to brand new and powerful ways. I teach the audience how consumers now have more power than ever, thanks to SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) and how your business can adapt to this.

Adaptive Innovation: Adaptable Business Models For Changing Market Demands

This topic focuses on how you can create a sustainable advantage that’s based on a relationship-centric culture. As the keynote speaker, I inform the audience on how you can improve your market value and bounce back from any failures. For many, this is a very complex and difficult topic to understand. However, I deliver the keynote speech in the simplest form possible, allowing everyone to grasp what’s happening.

Customized Topics

Though most companies ask me to speak on the above listed core grouping of topics, I am happy to work with you to customize a presentation that best serves your stakeholders. Here are some of my recent customized speaking topics:

Visionary Stewardship: Corporate Governance in the Flux Economy
What Forward Thinking Corporate Boards Do To Govern Proactively
Design Thinking: Strategy Visualization
Bringing Your Vision and Strategic Path to Life
Reverse Perspective
What If You Were a Guest In Your Customer’s Journey?
Sales Effectiveness From The Buyers’ Lens
How Effectively Are Your Resources Aligned With The Way They Buy?
Digital Disruption DeRisked!
How to Disrupt with Game-Changing Digital Strategies, Build a Digital Culture, and Optimize Exceptional Experience Journeys
Cybersecurity for Business Professionals
Seven Types of Breaches, Fundamental Disconnect Between Investments and Risks, and Why Cybersecurity Measures Are Everyone's Opportunity
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