Launching The Curve Benders Podcast


I love trying new tools and technologies to (hopefully) engage and influence others. I was user 3K on LinkedIn (now with hundreds of millions of users) some 10-12 years ago, when a summer intern showed me what they were doing on Facebook and Twitter. I was early on the Webinar bandwagon. I found it to be a fantastic way to share ideas, and introduce exciting people in my network to others. I did Periscope videos and even explored Snapchat for business.

When podcasting came along, I was intrigued but didn’t see the value of diving into yet another medium. Similar to writing books, you have to have a why. Why do you want to invest the time, effort, and resources? Why would anyone care, listen, or engage? With podcasting, I also took the “let’s watch and learn” approach. I’ve been a regular consumer of dozen-plus shows – some are great, others are less interesting to me.

So, with the current research, writing, and speaking around my next book, Curve Benders, I think it’s the right time to launch a Podcast. It’ll focus on the intersection of the Future of Work and Strategic Relationships. In many ways, 2020 is my year of Star Wars trilogy: Relationship Economics, Co-Create, and Curve Benders.

I’ll share exciting research, tips, ideas, and interviews. I’ll answer questions you may have (and from the online research we’re conducting) around the future of talent. I’ll discuss the 15 forces we’ve identified that will dramatically shape our future. To stay in my wheelhouse of strategic relationships, I’ll spend a reasonable amount of time defining Curve Benders as strategic relationships which will dramatically change both your direction and ultimate destination. Throughout this journey, I’ll push you to think and plan for the next two decades of your personal and professional growth.

I hope you’ll come along this journey with me and subscribe, ask questions, share your ideas and concerns, recommend enjoyable Future of Work guests, practitioners, thought- and practice-leaders, who are thinking about the future of how we’ll work, live and play.

As always, thank you for your continued interest in me and my work on strategic relationships. I continue to believe that #RelationshipsMatterMoreThanEver.

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