My Latest @Forbes – Leading Remote Teams With Agile Alignment


In my latest Forbes article on Leadership, I’ve shared an idea on how to visually engage a capable yet distracted and quietly disillusioned remote team. For many remote team leaders, amid all the uncertainty, one organizational attribute is abundantly apparent – many have incredibly capable teams. The critical task for leaders will be to uncover how to harness their full potential when the team is distracted due to the blurring lines between their professional roles and personal obligations.

Remote team leaders need mission-critical strategy alignment, so they can more effectively delegate, improve team productivity, and mitigate risk (e.g., stop misalignment from happening). Organizations need profitable revenues, reskilled/redeployed talent, and an enduring brand amid and post-crisis.

I believe one way to combat continually shifting priorities and confusing messages from remote leaders to be Agile Alignment.

Check out the article and let me know your thoughts?

Be safe and lead well visually,


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