CTI Leadership: Reimagine Your Strategy & Relationships​ with David Nour


I was elated to join MG100 friend and colleague, Mo Kasti of CTI Leadership, to discuss reimagining your strategy and relationships. Although the audience for this session and the preponderance of the CTI Leadership clients are healthcare professionals, the topic of being more intentional, strategic, and quantifiable in the relationships you choose to invest in, resonates with a broad spectrum of professionals.

Our relationships are even more critical amid the current global pandemic and the civil unrest in the U.S., as I’d submit, we need fewer, yet more authentic and value-based relationships in our lives. Let me ask, how many of your Facebook “friends,” or Twitter “followers” have reached out in the past 94 days of the government shelter-at-home orders to ask how you’re doing, how’s your job or business, and how they can help? How many have you reached out to?

Mo and the team at CTI have done a great job capturing the opportunity to reimagine healthcare from Before Covid-19 (BC) to After Covid-19 (AC).

I greatly appreciated how they’d made a conscious effort to recognize and celebrate Healthcare Heroes by sharing their inspiring stories from the front line.

Mo has also captured the five disengagement and burnout factors in healthcare in his book, Beyond Physician Engagement.

In his thoughtful style, Mo asked me several excellent questions on reimagining relationships, including:

  • Beyond their Importance, What is the significance of Relationships?
  • What are the different types and purposes of relationships?
  • What is the genesis of Relationships Economics, and what have your learned and surprises?
  • What are some best practices in:
  • Building Digital Relationships
  • Maintaining Value-Based Relationships
  • Relationship Life Cycle
  • Different Strategies for building relationships for different Styles such as introvert?
  • The Role or Impact of relationship in Innovation and growth.

Join us in the Nour Forum HealthNXT thread for both the presentation material and a link to the digital recording of the session.

Healthcare, more than any other industry I can imagine, could dramatically use Covid-19 as an impetus to rethink, reimagine, and reinvigorate critical parts of its business model.

And don’t tell me, “but people could die!” That’s a copout by those so entrenched in an outdated ecosystem, in the wrong roles, with the wrong metrics and compensation incentives to challenge the status quo!

I spent the entire 2019 in our HealthNXT innovation sandbox engaging health executives, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and investors. As I’m learning from a new potential Curve Bender in my life, a critical step to “deliberate innovation,” is understanding your cognitive biases and judgment errors.

Lastly, HealthNXT Fireside Chat tomorrow with four executives on the front line of healthcare to discuss U.S. Health Systems in Crisis. Join us.

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