What is the Optimal Color. Find a color based on a Word

David Nour
David Nour

What is the optimal color for hot dogs? Actually, no one cares. 


You might care that Heinz is finally launching a campaign to get the number of hot dogs in a package to match the number of buns. How are these stories relevant, there’s a really cool new platform called PhotoChrome.


You simply put in a word, and then get a color palette for that word , based on stock images. 


For anyone who has struggled to pick the right color, or find several complimentary colors to use in a design – this tool is absolutely brilliant. 



Plus, if you ever need the correct color to depict hot dogs, now you know its hex code is #802714. 


And you know Heinz is on top of solving that hot dog to bun ratio problem! David Nour





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