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Enable your intelligent and profitable enterprise growth. Each week, Nour Group partners Jenn Cordz and David Nour share insights on the strategic value of aligning your growth strategy with visual storytelling, leadership development, marketing, sales, and customer success integration, and a holistic view of your customer lifecycle maturity.

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Episode 38: Data Maturity and 15 Signs of GTM Metric Problems

3 October 2023 – Nour + Cordz

Ask any leader, and they’ll profess that data really is the new renewable energy. They aspire to create an organizational philosophy emphasizing the role of data in their decision-making processes.

Data maturity in every organization does not occur overnight, and in the journey to creating a data-driven culture, decisions are based on data and analysis rather than intuition or experience alone. Data accessibility, quality, accuracy, the team’s analytical skills, decision-making incentives (and consequences in learning moments), collaboration with data, data security, privacy posture, and continuous learning while staying focused on the desired strategic outcomes are all important considerations.

Episode 37: Your Next Acquisition and Tech Stack Considerations – Three Perspectives

26 September 2023 – Nour + Cordz

Episode 36: ICPs, Personas, Ideal Relationship Profiles, and Needs-Based Segmentation

19 September 2023 – Nour + Cordz

Episode 35: Tech Bloat – What, Why, and How to Fix It?

12 September 2023 – Nour + Cordz

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