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Enable your intelligent and profitable enterprise growth. Each week, Nour Group partners Jenn Cordz and David Nour share insights on the strategic value of aligning your growth strategy with visual storytelling, leadership development, marketing, sales, and customer success integration, and a holistic view of your customer lifecycle maturity. Join us every Tuesday at Noon ET/9 AM PT for unique insights, conversations with visionary leaders, and actionable takeaways. 

Episode 6 - Six Phases of Strategic Relationships

7 February 2023 – Nour

Episode 5 – Relationship-Centric Blueprint for High-Performing Teams

31 January 2023 – Nour

Episode 4 – Top 10 Reasons Why Most Networking Doesn’t Work

24 January 2023 – Nour + Cordz

Episode 3 – Relationship Economics 3rd Edition Post-Pandemic Strategic Relationships

17 January 2023 – Nour + Cordz

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