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Over 10,000 people have taken the online Co-Create quiz. We’ve assessed another 100+ teams within client organizations. The immediate results you’ll receive look at three fundamental dimensions we believe to be critical in a Co-Create ecosystem to succeed: Leveraging Relationships, Innovative Disruption, and a Supportive Culture. Based on your score, you’ll identify with one of five archetypes: Start, Spark, Steady, Sturdy, and Star. Think of the results from this quiz as an opportunity to learn and grow in your Co-Creation journey and keep in mind that none of us are born with any of these attributes. We’re lucky to get the right opportunities, intentional in our skills and knowledge acquisition and behaviors to build great relationships, and proactive in our efforts to seek Co-Creation opportunities with others – within or external to our organizations. As always, I’d love to hear from you after you’ve reviewed your results.

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